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About Wigs for Kids and how to donate

Wigs for Kids is a cooperative effort among Certified Cosmetic Therapists throughout North America who share a common goal, to help children look and feel like themselves when they're in the middle of a health crisis. When children lose their hair they don't just suffer physically, hair loss can be damaging to their self esteem and emotional health.


Wigs for Kids, a true non profit, aims to help children regain their confidence with custom fitted wigs that wont fall off at their dance recital or t-ball game. The smiles on their faces are worth all the hard work and hair that goes into just one wig.

I'm proud to be an ambassador for Wigs for Kids, and offer free haircuts to anyone donating their hair to this organization. A minimum of 12 inches, non color treated, clean dry hair is required for a Wigs for Kids donation. If you've got the hair, I've got the shears, let's do this and help some kiddos!


To learn more click the link below to visit their website. If you meet the requirements for donating, reach out to book your free cut.

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