Multi Certified Stylist

They say it takes 1000 hours to become an expert on something. Well, I was lucky enough to start my career as an apprentice under a master extensionist, so I got my training right from the start, and by now, have well exceeded 1000 hours in extension work. I can say with confidence that I'm an expert extesnionist. Throughout the years I have had countless hours of additional training in the craft of hair extensions.


I offer nearly every method available including: Invisible/ Illusion Wefts, Waterfall Beaded Rows, Tape-in's, K-tips, and I-tips. Whether you want to fill in subtle volume or transform to full on mermaid locks, I've got you covered with an endless array of colors to choose from, encompassing almost every hair type and texture, colors are completely customizable as well. The lines I'm currently using are: Dream Catchers, Bellami, Secret of Medusa, The Hair Shop, JZ Styles and Co, Donna Bella, Babe, Silx, and She. 

How it works: A deep consultation is a must! We will go over colors, lengths, textures, blending, daily wear concerns, comfortably level, maintenance requirements, and investment. During your first appointment and initial install, an in-depth and blended cut is included, hair extensions must be cut in a very tailored and detailed manner, your choice of styling is included as well. Typical maintenance appointments occur every 4-12 weeks depending on method, we will reuse the same hair (except for K-tip's), and move them up in the same placement to ensure we do not lose the cut. One batch of hair typically lasts 8-12 months, except for k-tips ,which can be purchased every time or rotated between second set, while the first set is sent in for re-tipping. 


Pricing is based on individual needs and varies depending on quantity of hair, length of hair, brand, texture, and method. Average initial costs per method for a full set are as follows. Please note that volume fills are significantly less, and ultra length and volume, aka mermaid sets, are more..


New Sets

Tape's: $1200

I-tips/ Micro Link's/ Beaded: $1500

WBR, Hand Tied, Flat Wefts: $1700

Invisible Rows, Illusion Method: $1900

K-tips, Fusion, Keratin, Bonded, Glue in's: $2100



All methods: $195 hourly