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Making beautiful happen since 2002


Get to Know Me

OG Bay Area girl turned Lake Tahoe resident, traveling stylist and salon owner. Faithfully serving my beautiful Bay Area people at UK Hair in Burlingame, 8-10 days a month, and serving up luxurious locks at Emerald Grove Salon in South lake Tahoe the rest of the time.


I love where my business takes me, and the wonderful people I get to be with on both sides of California.​ I offer all services, but my passion and expertise is in luxury hair extensions.


Being a hair stylist is just one of my many driving forces; I'm a wife and mother, student of the universe, natural living and wellness enthusiast, artist, crafter, organic dark chocolate connoisseur, coffee aficionado, red wine lover, and crazy crystal collector lady. And that's just on a Tuesday!

Image by Kara Eads

Come See Me

Burlingame location: every other Monday- Thursday 8am - 9pm
South Lake Tahoe: every other Tuesday- Saturday 9am- 1pm

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